Fruits4Real Promotions in September

For many players the summer’s coming to an end, while others are just warming up to it. Whatever your situation is, September always brings forth changes. But at FRUITS4REAL, it also brigs forth great promotions. Let’s take a look at 2 of them.

Sunday Madness at Fruits4Real
Sunday Madness at Fruits4Real

Sunday Madness
Each Sunday in September FRUITS4REAL is hosting a 1-day tournament with a €/$ 1,065 prize pool. The 30 highest wagering players of the day catch a Bonus prize of up to €/$ 200. To enter, all they have to do is get a 25% Bonus up to €/$ 250. After that, it’s all about spinning the reels.

The prizes
1st: €/$ 200
2nd: €/$ 100
3rd: €/$ 75
4th-6th: €/$ 35
7th-13th: €/$ 30
14th-20th: €/$ 25
21st-30th: €/$ 20

The dates
The unique thing about Sunday Madness is that every Sunday is a separate 1-day tournament. That means you can partake in 1, 2, 3, or all 4 tournaments. These are the dates they can join:

– September 6th, 2020

– September 13th, 2020

– September 20th, 2020

– September 27th, 2020

Every Bonus Counts
Every Wednesday in September they have another tournament. Every Bonus Counts – as the name suggests – is a tournament in which the players have to participate all 5 days. As with Sunday Madness, the Bonuses are the tickets to the tournament. Players have to get the 30% Bonus every Wednesday to have a shot at the prizes.

The prizes
FRUITS4REAL will hand out prizes to the 10 players that scored the highest total wagering over all 5 tournament rounds. The top-10 players will get the following Bonus prizes credited to their accounts:

1st: €/$ 350
2nd: €/$ 250
3rd: €/$ 150
4th: €/$ 100
5th: €/$ 80
6th: €/$ 70
7th: €/$ 60
8th: €/$ 50
9th: €/$ 40
10th: €/$ 30

The dates
To have a shot at the prizes mentioned above, players have to join all 5 of the following dates:

– September 2nd, 2020

– September 9th, 2020

– September 16th, 2020

– September 23rd, 2020

– September 30th, 2020

More promotions this month
These 2 tournaments aren’t the only thing happening in September. There are many Bonuses and Free Spins to be claimed. Keep an eye on it!