“Trick or Treat” with up to 50 Freespins daily at Chanz

Halloween is officially celebrated on the last day of October, but here at Chanz we are kicking off the party right now! Starting from Monday 3rd the players can find different Halloween themed badges hidden in various random places of our site, and some of these badges include Free Spin surprises for the players and their friends. If they manage to collect minimum of 24 badges during the campaign, there is also a raffle at the end of it where they can win cash prizes or even more Free Spins!

You need to collect at least 24 Halloween badges during the campaign period to automatically participate in the main prize raffle, where you will have a Chanz to win either cash prizes or Free Spins! The raffle will be held day after the campaign has ended on 24.10.2022 and in total we will raffle €1000 in cash prizes among all of the participants; €500 for the first place, €300 for the second and €200 for the third. 25 players will also win 100 free spins each!

There are 3 different badges containing a Free Spin surprise. The normal Free Spin badge will give instant Free Spins for yourself, while the Friend Spins badge entitles you to share the fun with your friend by sending them some Free Spins. And if you are super lucky, you might even come across the rare Super Chanz badge, which will award its finder instantly with 50 Free Spins!

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